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Farm Diesel Fuel & Blends for better performance

Star Oil Delivers Heating Oil, Kerosene, Blends and Farm Diesel at the Lowest Price Possible, Daily.

Customers on automatic delivery can rest assured of uninterrupted comfort. No need to worry about checking your oil tank or running out of fuel.

A text from Star Oil (or a phone call if you prefer) reminds you that you are scheduled for a delivery and lets you know the current pricing.

Automatic delivery is more than convenient, it guarantees your family's comfort all season long.

Agri-Blend Farm Motor Fuel

Agri-Blend Farm Motor Fuels

Our Farm Motor fuel has the lubrication, cetane, water emulsifying and algae fighting qualities you need to keep your equipment working for you!

Get a better product for the same - or *less* money, delivered when you want it! Call today to learn more!

Star Oil's fuel additives provide superior performance due to improved Cetane levels and BTU content, moisture control, de-ice and anti-gelling control, corrosion protection, and extended fuel storage stability.

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Burner Service

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