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Why should I become a Star Oil customer?

Star Oil customers enjoy everyday low pricing on Ultra Clean Heating Oil and Kerosene, without contracts and long term commitments.

How do I become a customer?

Place an order. That's it! When you place an order either online or by calling 518-888-5961, you begin enjoying an Energy Service the way it should be - Simple, Affordable and Dependable. Fuel Delivery and Service from a family owned and operated local business.

Not Just the Best Price!

Exceeding the Expectations of our Customers is the Hallmark of Star Oil!

At Star Oil,You are Not just a Number, you are part of our Family and will Always Receive Personalized Service!

Automatic Delivery

Why should I sign up for Automatic Delivery?

Star Oil automatic delivery customers enjoy uninterrupted every day low pricing on Fuel & Service. Most of us have our hands full and don't need anything else to keep track of. Let us do it for you! We have state of the art Degree Day tracking systems to insure uninterrupted comfort for your home. Call 518-888-8961 and sign up today!